1. @_@ (SW-041)
    ʍindƨpring ʍeʍorieƨ™

  2. child of WebTV (SW-040)
    ᴡ ᴇ в s ɪ ᴛ ᴇ ツ

  3. Topographic Relief Volume 4 (SW-039)
    Various Artists

  4. Portobello Traxx (SW-037)
    Ibiza Shock Troops

  5. Malware (SW-036)
    Mass Comm

  6. Leftovers (SW-035)
    Surf Nazis On Ecstasy

  7. Minimalism & Juxtaposition Vol 2 (SW-034)
    Various Artists

  8. 多角形 (SW-033)

  9. The End Of The Ring Wars (SW-032)
    Cubed Lungs

  10. Sanctity Of Teeth (SW-031)
    Maxwell Ullyses Kingston

  11. Serpent Communion (SW-030)
    Heliacal Shimmer

  12. Reaching Through The Glow Of Healing From Within My Clouds & Dreams (SW-029)
    Power Windoze

  13. Return To The Golden Fall (SW-028)
    The Human Excuse

  14. Pierce Your Fuckin' (SW-027)
    DJ Eyebrow Ring

  15. Shadow Gov't (SW-026)
    Shadow Gov't

  16. Topographic Relief Vol 3 (SW-025)
    Various Artists

  17. Spice Up Yr Life (SW-024)
    Various Artists

  18. Rotting Nutflesh: 10th Anniversary Edition (SW-023)
    De Amor feat. DJ Eyebrow Ring

  19. Ghost (SW-022)

  20. Numerologeography Of The Blind Amaze: Live @ HDQTRS (SW-021)
    Justin Marc Lloyd

  21. Sodden Awakening (SW-020)
    World Of White Ice

  22. The Last Day Of The Year In September (SW-019)
    Ross Baker

  23. Bullet Points For A Concentration Colony With Broad Shoulders Disguised As Paris On A Prairie (SW-018)
    Marc Spore

  24. Carl Jung Is My Mother (SW-017)
    Simon Magus

  25. Topographic Relief Vol 2 (SW-016)
    Various Artists

  26. The Idiots & The Envious (SW-015)
    The Blank Vrs

  27. Rain/Arthritic (SW-014)
    Endometrium Cuntplow

  28. Dustin England (SW-013)
    Ted Mankin & The Ingrown Tobies

  29. Bawdier Boring (SW-012)
    Phoned Nil Trio

  30. Topographic Relief Vol 1 (SW-011)
    Various Artists

  31. Disco Error (SW-010)
    Ibiza Shock Troops

  32. Teufel Wasser (SW-009)
    Fletcher Pratt

  33. Paralyzing Fear (SW-008)
    False Flag/Whitewater Orgasm

  34. I Found The Greatest All Of All (SW-007)

  35. Mugapliktaplojektor (SW-006)
    Spitting Ladyladys

  36. Visual Music III (SW-005)
    Carl Kruger

  37. Klonopin/THC Misfirings (SW-004)
    Water Bullet

  38. Extremely Loveless Hopeless Terrifying God Damn Fucking Insecurity-Induced Panic (SW-003)
    Justin Marc Lloyd

  39. Fossilized Dinosaur Skeleton (SW-002)
    Circuit Wound

  40. Cursed Contact (SW-001)
    Ginger Cortes


SWAMP CIRCLE Chicago, Illinois

a free sublabel of rainbow bridge recordings with horrible artwork and strange sounds. donations are much appreciated and go right back into makin more magic happen.

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